She  is  working  in  the  areas  of   graphic,  illustration, painting.
1986    Finished  the  Academy  of  Fine  Arts  in
            Sofia, Bulgaria  with  Diploma  of qualification- Graphic  arts.
1987   Print   Bienale  in  Varna , Bulgaria
1989   Print   Bienale  in  Lubin, Poland
1989   Award for exhibition “Ecologia-89” Sofia, Bulgaria

1988   Sofia, Bulgaria
1989   Sofia, Bulgaria
1990   Sozopol, Bulgaria
1992   Sofia, Bulgaria
1994   Krems, Austria
1999   Varna, Bulgaria
2000   Sofia, Bulgaria
2005   Sofia, Bulgaria
2009   Erfurt, Germany
2010   Sofia, Bulgaria
2011   Sofia, Bulgaria

2015   Sofia, Bulgaria

            Her  works  are  in  possession  of  Art  Galleries  and  Private  Collections  in  Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, France, USA, Belgium, Australia,
Japan, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia.

2013   PhD of Visual Arts
2015   Professor of  Painting and Graphic Art  in  the
National  Academy  of  Arts  in  Sofia,  Bulgaria



manya vaptsarova